Saco River Martial Arts

Youth Karate
Our Youth Karate programs offers martial arts exercise and practice that stresses self-protection, body skills and health.

Japanese Taijutsu
The training methods and martial arts of old Japan. This art was developed over 800 years ago yet its practice has always been made relevant to the present. Our Taijutsu program offers unarmed striking, grappling and locking as well as body skills and the use of historic weaponry.

JKD Concepts
Jeet Kune Do concepts are a method of discovery. Our program stresses realism including the R.A.T. (rapid assault tactics) and trapping with emphasis on focus mitt work and attribute development.

A term used for the Filipino Martial arts. Kali is a weapons based as well as empty-handed system. Kali is very practical and is great for developing coordination, timing and other attributes.

Saco River Martial Arts
59 Cape Rd, Hollis Center, ME 04042
(207) 929-4800 

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